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I was born in Darmstadt, Germany. When I was just 6 months old I returned to Greece where I passed my childhood. Since I was a child, I was dealing with music, computer and writing. After my highschool studies I moved to Athens where I studied computer science and music (theory, piano, cello). Together with my studies I visited various institutions and professors (mainly in France and Germany) in order to be an active part of the composers world community. In 2006 I found with Maria Aloupi the Centre for Music Composition and Performance (which in 2010 opens the cultural space ABOUT: in the historical center of Athens) and organise events on contemporary music and arts. Now resident in Athens, I write music and attend the postgraduate program in Logic, Algorithms and Computation [UOA+NTUA+UP].


My works

  • "A Sound Installation / A Balkan Tale" site specific sound installation || February 2012
  • "Narration" for stereo tape || November 2011
  • "Z213:EXIT - chapter 29" for vl & vc || September 2010
  • "Z213:EXIT - chapter 8" for vl & vc || September 2010
  • "Z213:EXIT - chapter 1" for vl & vc || September 2010
  • "Aleph-0" for cl. in Bb, vl, vc || 2009 - May 2010
  • "For Maria" for solo piano || July - August 2009
  • "Mythros" for solo trumpet in Bb || January - February 2009
  • "Untitled 2008" for tape (4-channel) || October 2008
  • "Die Welt ist Alles" (stereo --> 8-channel and voice-bass) with the collaboration of the composer Maria Aloupi || April - May 2008
  • "Deep Simplicity" or "The apples always fall to the ground, not to the sky" for clarinet in Bb and tape (stereo) || July - August 2007
  • "Genesis" for SCGP (4-channel) || July 2006
  • "Póly4+1" for UPIC (5-channel -> 8-channel) || July 2006
  • "Life" for tape (stereo --> 4-channel) || August 2005

Centre for Music Composition & Performance

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


The Centre for Music Composition & Performance - CMPC opened in spring 2010 its new space, “ABOUT:”, located in the historical city center near the Acropolis in Psiri, one of the liveliest districts of Athens. On 18 Miaouli Street, just 50 meters away from “Monastiraki” metro station, the new venue occupies the first floor of a building that still roofs leatherwear manufactures. Maria Aloupi and Andreas Diktyopoulos personally supervised the design and renovation of this new space, configured to host contemporary art projects
(visual arts, music etc).

ABOUT: is an active creative project space, which will be presenting original projects – art events and will host relevant seminars and conferences. It will also be roofing the CMPC offices.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New CMCP hall

I am in the pleasant place to announce that purchasing new space for the Centre for Music Composition & Performance (www.cmcp.gr) next to Monastiraki metro station. The space this moment is renovated and will be ready in September to host interesting events around the music and not only...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Electro Media Works 08 OPEN CALL

ElectroMediaWorks ’08 international presentation of Mixed Media Electronic Arts, will be held in Athens from May 14 to - May 18.

ElectroMediaWorks ’08 is open to anyone interested in the theory, technology, philosophy and practices of mixed media arts, in today’s state-of-the-art cultural landscape.

Medea Electronique, EPHMEE (Electroacoustic Music Research and Applications Lab, Music Dept. Ionian University) and CMCP (Center for Music Composition and Performance) co organize an intense five day and night program listing international shows and productions, for innovative media art, electronic music and cross-over art with artists such as musicians, video artists, performers, involving different arts and lifestyles.